Your stakes:

Although payroll is a largely computerized activity, many companies still face difficulties in the management and operation of these services:

  • Uncertainties about the reliability of payroll results
  • Delay in processing cases
  • Image deficit vis-à-vis internal customers
  • Turn over important employees of these services
  • Difficulties to change working methods to increase efficiency
  • Numerous acts of management still operated manually

Our accompaniment:

Allow you to choose the right organization and tools for:

  • Improve your payroll performance by combining efficiency, regulatory compliance, and quality of service
  • Optimize administrative and mandatory activities to free up resources towards higher value-added activities

Our consulting and support services on the perimeter of the management of the Payroll are declined in three fields of intervention:


Performance audit and optimization of payroll services
  • Writing payroll white paper
  • State of the art and analysis of the existing situation: analysis of processes and working methods, adequacy of tools, cost identification
  • Interviews and round tables to understand the operation, collect  difficulties and expectations, share findings, highlight areas for improvement
  • Operational approach with observations in work situation to impregnate us with practices and make a more exhaustive and personalized diagnosis
  • Proposal for an action plan, both tools and methods of work
  • Implementation of this action plan through a phase of choice followed by operational support for change
  • Payroll and / or administrative staff management activities can be outsourced or / and pooled within a HR CSP (Shared HR Service Center).
Help with the choice of payroll management tools
  • Elaboration of the specifications / consultation files
  • Conduct of the consultation: publisher / candidate relationship
  • Evaluation of the proposed solutions: functional coverage, costs, service levels, etc.
  • Assistance with contracting
Project Support and Change Support
  • Development of the project action plan until deployment on site
  • Project Piloting Assistance
  • Operational AMOA: specifications, application recipe
  • Organization of the deployment of the on-site solution
  • Support for deployment in the central services and with the operational staff
  • Organization of the application support
  • Organization of operation and maintenance in operational condition