Your stakes:

The deployment of Talent Management processes and the tools that support them comes up against many questions and obstacles, despite the obvious benefits they bring to all levels of the organization.

HRDs must objectify these benefits in the context of their organization to demonstrate the value of investing in the project, convince Talent management stakeholders of the interest to contribute to change and adhere to new HR practices.

Looking for the keys to help you decide:

  • What are the priority areas in talent management with regard to the company’s strategic and operational challenges?
  • Which Talent Management processes and tools to deploy to serve the needs of the Group HR department, BUs (Branches, Professions, Countries) and operational management?


And respond to the challenges inherent in Talent Management

  • Increase the motivation and commitment of employees through an objective and transparent HR policy
  • Improve the employer brand inside and outside the organization, develop the attractiveness of the company to attract talent
  • Know more about human capital, develop and retain your talents by valuing them
  • Anticipate changes in your organization, identify gaps with the existing one and build adapted action plans
  • Allow time savings for managers, first HR of the company
  • To align the HR information system with the strategic axes of the organization’s HR policy

We can accompany you with our expertise to answer your questions and allow you to realize your projects.


Our accompaniment:

Framing Study and Master Plan Talent Management (processes and tools)

Objective: Identify Talent management processes and tools to align them with the priority and added value axes of the HR Policy at all levels of the company (Corporate, Business, Country)

Diagnosis Talent Management Process and Tools

  • Definition of HR priorities within the different entities via workshops and round tables
  • Mapping HR processes (maturity, common and specific practices) to detail the existing
  • Mapping of existing tools (service rendered, difficulties encountered, functional expectations)

Roadmap Talent Management Process and Tools

  • Definition and design of target HR processes (performance evaluation, staff review, compensation, training)
  • Alignment of your human capital with operational and business strategies to enhance performance
  • Gap Analysis / Transformation Plan
  • Definition of a matrix of roles and responsibilities to better regulate talent management processes
  • Development of scenarios for setting up or evolving the HRIS HRM

Dossier of valorisation of the project with the General Direction: stakes / objectives, interests to be made, costs, benefits, benchmark elements, business case…

Help with the choice of talent management tools
  • Elaboration of specifications / public consultation files
  • Conduct of the consultation: publisher / candidate relationship
  • Evaluation of the proposed solutions: functional coverage, costs, service levels, etc.
  • Assistance with contracting
Project Assistance and Change Management

Our support aims to:

  • Ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with the objectives that justified the investment
  • Strengthen the project management system
  • Mobilize the different actors throughout the project
  • Coordinate the recipe for new tools and / or processes
  • Disseminate new practices and tools and facilitate their appropriation

Our services :

  • Audit of talent management processes
  • Benchmark
  • Project Piloting Assistance
  • Writing recipe books
  • Accompanying teams
    • Assistance in the development of HR materials
    • Definition of the communication and training strategy and plan
    • Assistance in the development of communication and training materials