Your stakes:

Allow you to join a global approach to improve time management and attendance process :

  • Model and digitize the rules of HR management and organization of work in the company
  • Take into account the specificities of sites, countries, entities (agreements and local customs)
  • Provide users with an automated management tool to dematerialize HR and business processes and make information available in real time
  • Provide payroll collection of EVs and absences to generate a pay slip just
  • Obtain a global vision of work organization and be able to monitor and optimize it (improve the management of human capital through planning, activity monitoring, needs / resources adequacy analysis)


And to answer the challenges that lead you to call on our consulting services and operational support in Planning and Time Management:

We involve and dialogue with all the stakeholders involved in the planning and the GTA in the company, in particular beyond the HRD and the ISD, with the management and operational management that are the most impacted by these projects .

We intervene in the field to observe and understand your real operational issues that must meet the planning tools and GTA, the constraints and expectations of your future users.

  • Analyze planning practices in the operational units and identify areas for improvement and optimization
  • Controlling and optimizing staff costs, especially in constrained-resource business units: stores, call centers, construction sites, factories, silos, etc.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of work time arrangements and their appropriation by operational managers
  • Support the implementation of new arrangements for the organization of working time
  • Ensure the application of the regulation of working time and internal agreements within the company
  • Measure the adequacy of Planning and Time Management tools to the needs and operational constraints


Our accompaniment:

Audit and Project Management Planning / GTA
  • Diagnosis of tools in place
  • Analysis of Planning Practices and Planning and GTA
  • Operational Requirements
  • Identification of optimization in planning and time management
  • Definition of planning and ATM processes
  • Budgetary framework
  • ARTT evolution impact study (D / C, JRTT, Modulation …)
Project Support and Change
  • Support Development of the project action plan until deployment on site
  • Project Piloting Assistance
  • Operational AMOA: specifications, application recipe
  • Organization of the deployment of the on-site solution
  • Support for deployment in the central services and the operational staff
  • Organization of the application support
  • Organization of operations and maintenance in operational condition
Choice Planning Support Solution and GTA
  • Custom Benchmarks Prior to Consultation
  • Elaboration of the specifications
  • Organization and conduct of consultation
  • Evaluation of publisher responses and solutions
Business expertise and assistance
  • Development of GT White Papers
  • Training Project Manager and Internal MOA GTA
  • GTA Training Manager Time and Activities and Managers
  • GTA technical expertise for setting up a collective agreement Time (feasibility of agreements)

Planning resources means trying to reconcile at best three major issues in order to improve the overall efficiency of your organization:

  • Quality of service
  • Respect for social regulations and employee expectations
  • Control of operating costs

Resource planning involves a process of decisions ranging from the most strategic choices for the company (organization of working time, recruitment policy, training policy, …) to the most local decisions (choice of assignment of a task specify to an employee, replacement of absentee, …).

Dimensioning of the planning:

Find the optimal workforce to cover a workload according to the types and duration of the contract, the skills, even the positioning of the holidays.
Define a global need in hours necessary to cover an operational objective based on, for example, the turnover history, the customer flow, the number of packages to be sent, etc.

Strategic planning:

Plan on an annual basis to manage annualization, modulation, identify a need for recruitment or recourse to temporary work, to better position periods of absence.

Operational planning:

Construct automatically (constrained planning) or manually (using indicators and target counters) the daily schedule taking into account the available resources, the planned activity and all the constraints concerning the organization, personnel and Tasks.
Plan employees by the day or quarter of an hour and sometimes by the minute according to the degree of complexity of the customer planning.

Communication on planning:

Communicate his validated schedule to the employee (portal, schedule printing, automatic e-mail sending).

Realization management:

Collection of presence, calculations of working time and associated variable elements.