Your stakes:

Companies are facing a constant evolution of the Human Resources, Administrative and Payroll professions, which are continuously diversifying. In parallel, the solutions on the market are multiplying.

The HRIS market in terms of tools is very consistent, with a wide choice between generalized integrated solutions, specialized players (Best of Breed) as well as various modes of exploitation: internalization, SaaS mode, outsourcing.

  • How to structure a specification according to my needs?
  • How to steer the consultation of the different actors of the market?
  • How to make sure that the providers formulate an inviting offer: costs, functionalities, technical feasibility, project approach, support, levels of services?
  • On what criteria do I base my final choice?


Our accompaniment:

Elaboration of specifications SIRH

Our goals:

  • Allow you to have a reference document for the call for tenders
  • Control costs with reliable encryption
  • Secure the choice of the solution
  • Identify points of vigilance in the context of the project (critical features, availability, arbitration to be expected …)

Our approach:

  • Exhaustive description of the existing organizational and application, complex rules and discriminating points;
  • Presentation of the key functional needs, the desired structuring functionalities as well as the essential technical prerequisites;
  • Drafting of the expected client in terms of services (support methods for the implementation of the tool and recurrent services);
  • Elaboration of an analytical grid allowing downstream elements of comparison between the different providers consulted


Conduct of the consultation

Our goals:

Choose the appropriate tool (s) and benefits based on your strategic HR issues and the costs incurred on the project

Our approach: 

  • Preparation of the consultation file
  • Managing the relationship with publishers / candidates
  • Comprehensive analysis of tenders submitted by tenderers (functional coverage, consistency of the proposal in the face of issues and priorities, project and recurrent costs, proposed service levels, project planning)
  • Preselection of candidates to conduct advanced demonstrations of HRIS tools
  • Development of demonstration scenarios (modules to present, features to be prioritized, …)
  • Recommendations of choice in order to highlight the proposals best adapted to your operational and business needs


Assistance with contracting

Our goals:

Ensuring the best possible conditions in contractual and financial terms for optimal control of costs (production and operation)

Our approach:

Drafting the service contract (SLA) according to your expectations


Our expertises:

  • Pay
  • Talent Management
  • Time management and planning
  • Steering the payroll
  • Workforce Planning
  • Core RH