Your stakes:

  • How to manage an international project or program?
  • How can I implement my transformation / digitization project so that it brings added value at the Group level and that the HRIS is used in a sustainable way by employees?
  • How to secure data recovery and interfaces with other tools in my IS?


Our accompaniment:

Project and program management

  • Planning, monitoring and meeting deadlines
  • Guarantor of the quality of the project deliverables (publisher and client)
  • Animation of project governance bodies
  • Stakeholder coordination
  • International project and program management

Expression of needs

  • Animation of the expression of needs workshops
  • Formalization of the functional specifications, the expected settings
  • Support in the structuring of the data of the future HRIS: homogenization, construction of repositories

Strategy and execution of the recipe

  • Validation of project management work
  • Organization and management of the recipe: test scenarios, recipe books
  •  Third Party Application Recipe or Recipe
  • Support
  • Track shipments, fixes and anomalies detected

Deployment of the solution

  • Definition of the rocking plan
  • Start-up or post-start assistance (service levels, user support)
  • User training / user community animation
  • Stabilization in case of difficulties of implementation of the project


Our expertises:

  • Agile method
  • Pay
  • Talent Management
  • Time management and planning
  • Steering the payroll
  • Workforce Planning
  • Core HR
  • HRIS support