Your stakes:

The HR strategy is a broad field that aims to work on a set of vectors promoting the effectiveness of human resources policy in the short and medium term:

  • The long-term strategy and how I fit in my sector of activity:
  1. Which HR policy or policies for my company
  2. What are the results that in 3 years will make me say that I succeeded at my mission
  3. Which organization of the HR function to be embodied at all levels of the company
  4.  What roadmap should I have?


  •  What attractiveness and loyalty plan should I put in place to attract and retain the most competent employees, in my sector of activity, in my company size? Is my remuneration policy attractive? What management of new generations? Do I have to worry about the “employee experience”, how does the HR function work on the meaning of work and the development of employees?
  • The HR function and communication: How to emerge victorious from the war of talents? What recruitment management? Management of e-reputation, am I visible on the networks and am I recognized as an attractive employer?
  • What role for the HR function in the digitization of my company? What digital maturity for the HR function?

My dashboards: to reduce the turnover, to understand absenteeism rates, to control my staff and skills, to be in relation to others? …


Our accompaniment:

Change Path: the blueprint of the HR function: working on its strategy and declining it into an action plan, positioning itself in relation to competitors, and better positioning the HR function in its internal and external environment.