Reinventing oneself, understanding the issues related to innovation for the company and working on human support to demonstrate the strategic partnership in this fight to have the best competitive advantage. After all, the greatest competitive advantage of companies will be the human capital.
Houria ELBAGHDADI, Directrice Associée HR Mind


Our support:

Our job is to be a precursor on managerial, HR and digital topics, and we support our HR clients to be the pioneers of innovation in their organization.

  • Put in place a prospective approach
  • Work with you on the HR function of tomorrow and the HR professions
  • Accompany your seminars and your processes of animation of the process of innovation HR
  • Support changes related to innovation issues
  • Put in place an approach and tools to work on the jobs of tomorrow (workforce planning, decrease and growth of trades, training plans)
  • Instigate a spirit and culture of innovation among managers and employees to be at the heart of your company’s approach and innovation process

We use many tools from change management techniques to help you become an innovative HR function (creativity workshops, prospective, organization of TEDx)


Our expertise:

  • HR Strategy
  • Audit and evaluation of the maturity of the HR function
  • HR Prospective benchmarking
  • Digital Marketing HR
  • Social Audit
  • Employee Experience