Your stakes:

  • The adaptation of the HR organization in changing contexts (merger, business transformation)
  • Defining your HR & HRIS service model to be more efficient
  • Better customer orientation for HR
  • Willingness to outsource some of the HR activities to have time for value-added topics
  • The performance and the organization of your HRIS support
  • The level of performance and the positioning of your processes with regard to good practices
  • The quality and relevance of the organization’s management indicators and processes


Our accompaniment:

As transformation specialists, we combine our expertise on organizational topics and our change management skills to help you have a strategic and long-term vision of your organization and the HR professions: prospective, changes in professions, innovation HR.
We are also mobilized to support you on your operational issues because we are responsible for the changes we recommend: the analysis of the existing, the identification and evaluation of organizational scenarios, the redesign of one or more HR processes.

  • Comparison of the operation and performance of the company with similar companies and market best practices
  • Identification and evaluation of organizational optimization tracks and processes adapted to the company
  • Action plan to solve the difficulties encountered
  • Framing and definition of HR service models, HRIS, whether national or international
  • Implementation of new organizational models: pooling, outsourcing …
  • Process redesign
  • Design and implementation of new HR organizations and processes, and support for change
  • Choosing the right HR outsourcing providers, negotiating contracts and service agreements with these suppliers


Our expertise:

  • Performance of the HR function
  • Shared Services Center (SSC) 
  • Outsourcing
  • HRIS Organization
  • Scoping study
  • Business case
  • HR transformation
  • Benchmarking
  • Audit of the HR function
  • Optimization and simplification of processes