At HR Mind we know that transformation projects are above all human and that only the HR function through its strategic and transversal positioning can support these changes.

The HR function is the change maker of the 21st century!

Your stakes:

  • Support managers and employees to enable them to adapt to a changing economic environment
  • Respond to the expectations of internal customers whose behavior evolves
  • Take into account societal transformations
  • Work on environmental issues
  • Mobilize and engage teams to find new growth levers
  • Foster innovation to achieve excellence in competition


Our offer:

  • Define the support strategy for change on HR & non-HR projects
  • Give you the methodologies to be the driving force of changes in business projects
  • Manage the resistance inherent in any change situation & maintain commitment
  • Obtain and measure expected behavioral changes
  • Help managers take their role as a change maker
  • Encourage and train to cultivate a culture of change in the company


 Our services:

Strategy and implementation of changes

  • Sponsorship / Animation of the change network
  • Implementation of individual and collective support actions (excluding training) to reassure and involve
  • Support in setting up the support unit and its service levels:
    • Support of the administrators in the handling of the tool, in the resolution of the anomalies and improvement of the tool post-deployment: to accompany them in the rise in skills of the tool and the accompaniment of the end users
    • Support HR teams to ensure business adoption to the project, whether organizational or digital

Accompanying changes in international projects

  • Impact analysis
  • Mapping of key players
  • Definition of a simplified and detailed support plan:
    • Communication strategy
    • Training strategy
    • Deployment Strategy
    • Change Networks

Training and learning device:

Design of innovative learning devices: MOOC, e-learning, mobile-learning, serious games, SPOC, augmented reality, reverse mentoring.

Assistance in the design of training and communication devices (writing of the brief, provider relationship, verification of the realization.

Providing training to all stakeholders to promote the adoption of the tool, new processes or organization.