Your stakes:

In an economic environment that is changing rapidly where becoming more global, digital and interconnected is in demand, your HRIS will be instrumental  in the development and success of an international company.

Organizing, consolidating and deploying its global HR policy, developing synergies while addressing local specifics has never been as strategic as it is  today.

  • How to structure your HR processes in an international context?
  • What should you centralize?
  • What to leave in local management?
  • What are the levers of harmonization? What is the value created?
  • How to address change management in a multicultural context?
  • How to make teams work in different countries taking into account differences in culture, language, regulatory framework?
  • How to build your business case and define your project?
  • With what means and what solutions?
  • Which methods?
  • What sequencing?


Our accompaniment:

Framing study preliminary project

  • Analysis of the existing HRIS in order to have a complete vision of the current application landscape
  • Target architecture definition, with or without core RH
  • Mapping of existing processes, modeling of target processes, gap analysis
  • Stakeholder impact analysis and organization, framing change management
  • Target solution and organization recommendation (example: Shared services center per country, hub or cluster, global, by function)
  • Master plan, SIRH roadmap
  • Business case and action plan


Help in choosing International HRIS solution

  • Elaboration of the HRIS specifications and the consultation file
  • Managing the relationship with publishers / candidates
  • Full analysis of offers
  • Preselection of candidates to conduct advanced demonstrations of HRIS tools
  • Implementation of a prototyping / POC approach (proof of concept)
  • Folder of choice
  • Accompaniment to contracting


Project Management

  • Accompaniment to the piloting of the project
  • Animation of the workshops
  • Elaboration of the global recipe strategy
  • Creation of scenarios, organization and assistance to the recipe
  • Definition of the deployment plan
  • Change management
  • Training
  • Deployment assistance


Our services:

  • HR transformation
  • Digital RH
  • HR process


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